car rental

Do I have to accept the rental station’s insurance?
It is against the law to force the renter to buy insurance, as a condition of rental.

Do I have to leave an imprint of my credit card?
It is usual to leave an imprint to cover any money that you might end up being charged for, including the excess that you are held responsible for, regardless of if you do have our Insurance.

Will my credit card be used to pay for any damages?
Usually, but if this does happen, underwriters will reimburse the card holder. It is crucial that the Claims Company is contacted.

I have returned my car and my insurance is still valid. Can I rent a second car?
Yes, you can. As long as the insurance period has not expired, several cars can be rented, although only one car at a time.

What documentation will be given as proof of insurance to me?
Usually our distributors issue a Certificate of Insurance or a Car Rental Booking Confirmation, together with a Summary of Cover, with online access to the full Policy Wording.

What happens in the event of a claim?
Strategic Insurance Services Ltd has its own dedicated Claims Team (Claim Ez) which utilises a bespoke on-line Claims system.