Car Rental Insurance is a product of need that Strategic Insurance Services Ltd are recognised experts in, especially regarding underwriting and claims handling.

car rental

The coverage enables a policy or a credit card/affinity group administrator to either add the cover as a benefit, wherein the group pays for the benefit, or to negotiate advantageous group rates.

There are two main types of coverage which, over the years, we have realised are the real need for renters. They are Loss Damage Waiver and Excess Reimbursement.

  • Loss Damage Waiver Insurance – The cover provided fully protects the insured for all physical damage incurred to the rented vehicle, for which the renter is held liable for by the car rental company.
  • Excess Reimbursement – In Europe however, there is usually full liability for physical damage with a large excess included in the rental. Renters are responsible for the protection of the excess as rendered by the car rental companies. We have responded to this and have designed a number of short-tail policies in order to respond to the financial responsibilities that rental companies entitle their customers to. This product is selling extremely well via distribution channels such as car rental booking portal, credit cards and affinity groups.

In both cases, we are covering the physical damage to a vehicle from a rental company for which the person renting is usually held liable for.