Expatriate Healthcare is Strategic Insurance Services Ltd niche insurance iPMI brand for the international community.

international medical

Originally beginning as the brand ‘Expatriate Healthcare’ just over a decade ago, the retail trade area (now known as Expatriate Group) encompasses Worldwide Travel Insurance, International Term Life Insurance, International Personal Accident & Health Insurance, International Long Term Disability Insurance; as well as their flagship International Private Healthcare.

Expatriate Group is a managing general agent, specifically created to provide products and services to protect individuals and their families whilst living and working overseas. Internet facilities are utilised to deliver quick quotes and real time fulfilment and enrolment, to ensure customers are covered at any time of day, 365 days a year; with an extensive territorial scope.

The website also provides in-depth information about the services, the ability to obtain instant quotations for all the plans as well as a review the latest expat news. The international healthcare, worldwide travel and international life insurance are all available to be purchased instantly online.

The plans have been designed with an understanding that expatriate customers require different things from their insurance, resulting in sensibly priced products, without compromising on benefits and providing a true international scope. Premium Rewards (no claims bonus) have been introduced on the international private medical plan to give clients further control over their premium.

Since its inception in 2003, Expatriate Healthcare has very quickly grown to become a brand recognised by the international community of customers and brokers alike.

SISL, through the Expatriate Group, continue to invest in online applications and the growth of niche international insurance products that benefit the growing customer base.

For further information about the Expatriate Group, contact Lee Gerry or visit us at www.expatriategroup.com.