Strategic Insurance Services Ltd (SISL), as part of its Automotive products, has a wealth of knowledge in this arena with access to Lloyd’’s and company insurance underwriters or can use its managing general agent status to provide Automotive products that add real value at cost-effective rates to the consumer.

Bank Cards

SISL specialises in providing niche insurance products to enhance credit card programmes for some of the world’s leading financial services companies. We have 10 years experience in producing benefit programmes to meet any requirement.

Car Rental Insurance

Car Rental Insurance enables insureds / credit card holders / affinity group administrators to purchase coverage of value thus providing membership loyalty and new membership opportunities, as well as providing retail opportunities.

Claims Administration

ClaimEz is SISL’s proprietary claims system to service niche insurance products. A visionary fully online third party claims application, offering the user a beautifully signposted claims process from initial submission through to payment.

Excess Insurance

Excess Protection allows you to shield yourself from the excess for which you are financially responsible following a claim on a main insurance policy.

International Private Medical

For over a decade SISL have provided International Private Medical and Health insurance to the international community, expatriates and frequent travellers. Expatriate Healthcare, part of the Expatriate Group, now has an expansive product portfolio and online presence.

Niche Specialities

SISL underwrite speciality products such as: Latent Defects – indemnity for building owners; After-The-Event Insurance – policyholder cover for disbursements and court costs; Insurance Backed Guarantees – homeowner protection should the installation company cease to trade; Leased Equipment Protection – providing Lessors with facilities to insure their leased assets.

Personal Accident

Personal Accident / Illness can be purchased by individuals or corporate entities, for all occupation types and including those working in “hotspots” globally.

Term Life Insurance

The death of a family member or a member of staff is a terrible event with which to have to come to terms. Level term life insurance protects you from the financial loss suffered in the event of such a death.

Travel Insurance

SISL takes an innovative approach to the provision of travel insurance ensuring that the benefits are tailored to the requirements of the customer or tour operator and supported by secure insurance underwriting companies.