Strategic Insurance Services Limited takes an innovative approach to the provision of travel insurance, ensuring that the benefits are tailored to the specific requirements of the customer or tour operator.

travel insurance

Travellers have different requirements and Strategic recognise the need to tailor the travel insurance solution to suit the customer or their travel provider. Competitively priced and with a range of suitable benefits so that they are not let down in the event of a claim.

Strategic believe there is no “off the shelf” solution for travel insurance and our approach is to spend time with our customers to gain an understanding of their needs, so the insurance that we design is right for them and the target market.

Strategic recognise that there is often a need for additional/greater benefits over and above the core. Business travellers may need compensation if their flights are delayed resulting in missed meetings and/or additional travel expenses. We can also include employee replacement cover and protection for loss or damage to company equipment. Specialist tour operators may need to offer increased cancellation cover and more affluent customers are likely to need higher benefit levels for their personal belongings.