ClaimEz is Strategic Insurance Services Limited’s proprietary claims system specifically developed to service excess protection and car rental business. An online, third party claims application that offers the claimant a clearly signposted claims process from initial submission through to payment.

claim administration

The provision of niche products sometimes requires niche solutions to third party applications. When introducing new innovative products and delivering them to market, it must be expected that there won’t always be a ‘off the shelf’ solution to servicing.

ClaimEz incorporates a number of innovative processes that allows policyholders to:

  • Submit an easy to complete online claim form
  • Upload any supporting documents required in support of the claim
  • Real-time communication with the claims team via a proprietary online message system
  • The ability to monitor the progress of the claim and know the moment that it has been settled upon which, you will receive an electronic settlement payment for successful claims

As well as simplicity for the claimant, the system provides a 360 degree benefit to all the business partners, including:

  • Insurers – are able to interactively monitor and view all claims, as well as be part of the claim handling process if and when required. They can audit files remotely, in real-time when it suits them.
  • Ability to ensure that all claims are allocated correctly, auto-validated and ensures that any supporting documentation is correctly requested. Follow the bespoke criteria, tailored to each individual product, when accessing the claim, to ensure that questions and supporting data is appropriate and accurate to the requirements of each claim type.
  • Provides instant online access to claim guides and policy documentation at the click of a button. The ability to process the claims in a fair and logical order, minimising leakage.
  • The ability to rely on a hierarchical supervisor sign off for claims that are dependent upon type or financial authority.

Through continued intelligent application of technology and user experience, Strategic look to make the ability to service niche products a simple reality.

Claims Platform – ClaimEz [pronounced claim easy]

ClaimEz incorporates a number of innovative processes that will:

Allow policyholders

  • To complete an online claim form
  • Upload supporting documents
  • Communicate with the claim handler in a blog-like style
  • To monitor the progress of getting their claim settled

Allow the selling agent

  • To view all claims submitted by the scheme
  • Access to real time MI
  • Validate policies
  • Communicate with the claim handler in a blog-like style

Allow the Insurer

  • To interactively monitor and view all claims
  • To be part of the claim handling process when and if required
  • Audit files remotely at a time that suits them

The administration system has been designed to streamline claim handling.

Scheme management

  • Ensures that no claim is allocated incorrectly
  • Add service providers when required
  • Create payment templates for the corresponding insurer’s bank
  • Attach selling agents
  • Bespoke reporting
  • Create precise settlement criteria
  • Integrate claim handling instructions

Claim handling

  • Simple system that allows administrators to quickly process claims
  • Communicate with all stakeholders using a blog style communication system, so that all correspondence is in one place and available to all
  • Tiered override system for dealing with contentious or ‘grey’ area claims
  • The ability to instruct Service Providers to report on losses
  • Add third parties
  • Claims status changes are event-driven rather than relying on the operator to manually update claim status


  • Bespoke reporting
  • Centralised payments
  • Remote access